Saturday, August 17, 2013


Flight pagi, 0825 Adelaide time to Sydney by Jetstar. 1045 Sydney time kitorg sampai kat airport Sydney! Waktu Sydney lebih awal dari Adelaide, if im not mistaken 30mins ahead. Sampai je Sydney, believe it or not, kitorg jalan kaki dr airport ke train station berdekatan! But nothing to worry pasal jalan kaki ni, sbb mmg selesa sbb masa tu musim x panas and mmg culture diorg pon biasa je jalan kaki ni. Actually ada jugak train station dari airport to sendiri tp cost agak mahal so kitorg decide to walk and pegi train station luar dr airport. It cost us only AUD.6.80 instead of.... AUD15 kot kalau naik train dr airport tu.

We stayed dkat hostel je. 790 on George Backpackers. That was my first time sleep over dkat backpackers hostel. We booked thru and only cost us AUD68 per night heee :) When i say hostel, please expect no toilet in the room. Haha ok batak jugak lah sbb first time kan.. Terkejut bila tgk ehh mana toilet? Rupanya toilet mcm kat hostel lah, luar dr blik and smue backpackers boleh pakai toilet tu. I give 4/5 stars for 790 on George Backpackers ni sbb staff friendly, helpful and bilik very bersih! Berbaloi lah untuk sekadar nak tidur satu malam. And location pon sgt strategic. Dkat je nak pegi naik tram and jalan nak pegi tmpt2 attractions..

Right after check in kitorg jalan and naik tram pusing2 here and there. We spent AUD7 for the tram to go around Sydney. The first place kitorg pergi was Hard Rock Cafe Sydney! and i bought tshirt for AUD25 only! Weeeee! Lpas tu we went to Aquarium to see Sealife and terus pegi Madame Tussauds just next to Aquarium. What i can say here, its better if we buy the tickets online coz its way cheaper. You can check price ticket here : Sydney Tickets kitorg beli combination tickets of MT + Aquarium for AUD50++

Ook lets let the pictures do the talking :p

Terkejut and takut tgk byk jaws lol
Fefeling little mermaid :)
Sydney the metropolitan city :p

Gedik- gedik moment at Madame Tussaud Sydney ;

That was my very first time tgk Koala!! tu bukan patung okkk

Sydney at night.. Goodnight!

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