Friday, August 30, 2013

Sydney Part II

Ok im gonna make this post short! Nothing much to say pon.. again nak biar pictures do the talking je haha. We took a bus that morning and pergi Bondi Beach. Lunch mcd kat sana and balik jalan2 kat city. Tempat wajib mesti lah Opera house kan! and naik ferry round2 kat area Opera House. It cost us aroun AUD12 for the bus for two and AUD5.60 per person fo ferry. Most of time mana yg bole jalan semua kitorg jalan sahaja. Even before kitorg naik flight utk ke Melbourne, nak pegi Queen Victoria Building pon jalan je hehe MR KK pon mmg suka berjalan so we both takda masalah utk berjalan.. :)

Bondi Beach

Opera House :)

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