Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Trip to Land Down Under

Yes, i have to admit, i LOVE to travel. and i am so grateful ditemukan dgn jodoh yg sgt suka berjalan jugak! hehe.. and as i mention in previous post, we were actually plan a trip to Melbourne masa tgh holiday kat Redang lagi! ahaaa. As far as i can remember, i suggest to MR KK to go to Melbourne for our next trip, coz kononnye its for his birthday treat lah. then mmg rezeki lah kot, masa check kat airasia harga tix utk pegi ke Melbourne is RM425 *WOOOAAAHHHHHH* ok. tu one way utk seorang ye. blom masuk tax and blablabla. but still, mmg WOOOAAAHHHHHHH!

Lpas dh campur tax and fuel surcharge dan sebagainya. Total per person hanya lah RM1340.00 WOAAAHHHHHH jugak sbb lpas nmpak harga ni trus call Heidi (girlfriend yg dh 4 5 tahun duk blaja kat Melbourne) and she said "eh murah lah lat. i if nak pegi blk pon sometimes the price is around 2-3k one way! WOOAAAHH again. eh over nyaa byk sgt woah. but yes sgt teruja sbb mmg dh lamaa sgt nak pegi aussie tp x penah berkesempatan. lpas dh nmpak harga yg mcm tu, trus discuss dgn MR KK and sama2 agree nak pegi. hihi. masa kitorg plan ni it was on June and the trip ni pegi masa September! book 3 bulan awal pon still can get this price, sbb tu la xnak lpas kan peluang. *ka-ching! there goes my savings :p

Sempat jugak buat comparison dgn MAS. mana la tau kot kot harga sama ke lagi murah ke kan.. but NOTTT. its abour rm500 jgak different. so we stick with our first choice, Air Asia X :) so as u can see in the photo above, total for two person, return ticket ke Melbourne, Australia is just RM2,680! i am so proud of myself dapat beli tiket murah! MUAHAHHAHA......ooppppssss. tp tu harga tiket je ye, kitorg blom beli utk luggage ataupon any meal masa tu. sbb kitorg just nak confirm kan tiket for that price je so bila dh nmpak harga tu, beli siap2, korang pon mesti tau kan nak add luggage n meal tu nak dkat2 hr nak travel br tambah pon bolehh. so yeah kitorg add bag n meal masa bulan September nak pegi tu. i dont really remember how much we bought for luggage and meals. rasanya lpas add up pon, total kitorg byr kat Air Asia (means we add another 2 3 hundred utk luggage n meal) ni around 3k in total! 
(return tix for 2, siap luggage siap makan) berbaloi bukan? ;)

im gonna continue writing about our trip to Australia soon. there are so much to share! mmg confirm tak ckup satu post! and the trip was 6months ago, ada bnde yg dh lupa skit2, so i need sometimes to recall then only i can write something which is more informative. its better that way kan? when you read my blog, uolls bukan je dpt rasa best nye travel tu but at least bole kasi uolls info bila uolls nak jalan nnt. hehe. till then~

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